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The Midnight Sun | August 15, 2018
Studies show that most patients will tend to overlook the new information. The post Hospitals and health care providers will have to publish prices for common procedures starting in 2019 appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 15, 2018
Just when you think the media have hit rock bottom in the hypocrisy department, they manage to stoop even lower, dig even deeper. Take, for instance, ProPublica’s appeal for dirt on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s baseball outings. The Pulitzer Prize-winning, self-described “nonpro...
TV Host, Reality Star, but First a Mom: Sharon Osbourne's Emotional Caregiver Journey | | August 14, 2018
(BPT) - “I’m living proof that you can become an expert on something you never even wanted to learn about – and it can be devastating,” explains Sharon Osbourne.
4 ways to use technology to simplify your home buying process | | August 14, 2018
(BPT) - While spring is typically the busiest period in real estate, particularly for families looking to get in to a new home before the school year starts, the fall months have become increasingly active for those who have more…
Switching gears and succeeding: Inspiration to find your next career | | August 14, 2018
(BPT) - It's never too late to feed your passion and discover a new career. Take, for example, Julia Child, who left OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, to become a chef; Sara Blakely, a door-to-door sales woman who went…
The Midnight Sun | August 14, 2018
A postcard-based system is causing plenty of headaches, but it isn't entirely a surprise. The post The state tried to fix Alaska’s flawed automatic voter registration system, but the Legislature took a pass appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 14, 2018
By Wesley Pruden | Jews are smart. Everyone knows that. We just didn’t know how smart. Gen. Gholam Reza Jalili, the brilliant military mind of Iran, is a man not easily fooled. He has figured out that drought in Iran is the work of those wily Jews, identifying the problem as the International...
The Midnight Sun | August 14, 2018
An anonymous tip lead to an investigation into more than $10,000 of food stamps received by Halat and her husband. The post Republican Senate candidate Bekah Halat faces felony charge for welfare fraud: Report appeared first on The Midnight Sun. | August 14, 2018
(BPT) - Cluster headache (CH) is an extremely painful primary headache disorder, which affects one to two people in every 1,000.[1] CH is known as being one of the worst pains known to man and is even more debilitating than… | August 14, 2018
(BPT) - No one ever said that college was cheap. In fact, many of the largest expenses have nothing to do with tuition — and no, we’re not talking about pizza.
The Midnight Sun | August 14, 2018
Overall spending is down from 2014, but groups are already getting more involved in candidate races. The post Nearly $8 million of independent money has been spent on this election: State of the Race appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 14, 2018
The most dangerous words in the English language, at least when it comes to government, are: ‘Something needs to be done.’ It is enough to make any normal person’s hair stand on end. It portends bad things to come. This city’s problem with bear-human interactions has some folks saying th...
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 13, 2018
By Michael F. Cannon | At long last, the Trump administration has created a “freedom option” for people suffering under Obamacare. A final rulemaking issued Wednesday reverses an Obama-era regulation that exposed the sick to medical underwriting. The new rule will expand consumer protection...
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 13, 2018
There is something more than a little unsettling in the news that more than 100 of this nation’s newspapers have signed up to publish editorials targeting President Donald Trump for his repeated attacks on the media. Those newspapers, enlisted by the Boston Globe to publish their own editorials wi...
The Midnight Sun | August 13, 2018
The Oct. 2 local election will occur after the Sept. 4 deadline for candidates to withdraw and be replaced on the general election ballot. The post Republican House candidate Trevor Shaw will face recall in October local election appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 12, 2018
The video is shocking and disturbing. It shows a woman sitting on a curb, shooting up drugs in downtown Anchorage. On a busy street. In broad daylight. In front of people walking down the sidewalk. A passerby captured the image on video and it later was broadcast on KTVA. In a city where homeless ca...
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 12, 2018
Michael Ramirez is a two-time American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 12, 2018
By Tom Brennan | The news business is going through a scary time and it’s unclear how that is going to end. The problem seems essentially that online gabfest sources and changing public interests have caused a switch from local media sources with reliable reporting and editing to unfocused en...
Will my deck have room for a hot tub? And other questions answered | | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - As the major outdoor living trend sweeps the nation, decks are getting bigger. But with television shows featuring 3,000-square-foot monster decks, the average homeowner is left to wonder, “Just how big of a deck do I need?”
DIY outdoor bar serves up entertainment | | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - As outdoor living space continues to be an extension of the home for entertaining, it’s no surprise that nearly 60 percent of homeowners believe outdoor kitchens will be popular this year, according to the latest Landscape Architecture Trends…
5 reasons to snack on strawberries | | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - The perfect snack needs to check off three boxes: It should be filling enough to get you to your next meal, provide nutrition that fits into your balanced diet, and satisfy cravings, whether sweet or savory. Not an…
Easy entertaining and recipe tips from celebrity chef Katie Lee | | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - Whether it's an end-of-summer bash or a back-to-school barbecue, entertaining is all about family, friends and of course, food. But hosting the perfect soiree doesn't have to mean you're stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying…
New Solution Helps Parents Manage Kids' Device Use at Home | | August 11, 2018
(NewsUSA) - Sponsored News - Nearly three quarters of parents wish they had a way to turn off their children's Wi-Fi access, according to results of a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Comcast.
¿Qué tan listo está su hijo para el nuevo año escolar? | | August 11, 2018
(StatePoint) Mochila y suministros-- ¡listos! Así que, ¿qué queda por hacer antes de volver a la escuela? ¿Qué tal descubrir qué tan bien ha aprendido su hijo las habilidades fundamentales que necesita para tener éxito en el siguiente grado?
9 savvy traveler hacks that will save time, money and headaches | | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - Are you a savvy traveler? Do you shop around to get the best deals? How about knowing the ins and outs of saving money when planning a trip?
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 11, 2018
Gary Varvel is a political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star. He has been with The Star since 1994.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 11, 2018
By Larry Elder | The New York Times, for its editorial board, hired a 30-year-old tech writer named Sarah Jeong, an American immigrant from South Korea. But Jeong, only a few years ago, posted a series of offensive, anti-white tweets. Her anti-white tweets included the following: “Dumbass...
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 11, 2018
Well, it is that time of year in Alaska. The news is that federal pooh-bahs are being herded around the state by some of our congressional delegation to give them a first-hand look at our problems and the grandeur that is Alaska. Sen. Dan Sullivan is touring the state with the secretaries of the Arm... | August 11, 2018
(BPT) - Like many psoriasis patients, Kim Knight has tried numerous treatment options over the years to help reduce the red, flaky patches covering the skin on her elbows, hands, knees and scalp. Unlike many people with psoriasis, however, she…
The Midnight Sun | August 11, 2018
It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another trip down everyone’s favorite trail of unsubstantiated rumor and gossip from the political world. As always, take... The post Friday in the Sun (Aug. 3): The Complete Ranking edition appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
New Study Suggests This Breakfast Staple Could Help Kids | | August 10, 2018
(Family Features) Eating a nutritious breakfast helps kids start their day off right, and new research reminds us why serving real dairy milk is so important for the first meal of the day. As little as 7 grams of milk…
The ABCs of Finance Apps | | August 10, 2018
(NewsUSA) - As back-to-school time sets in, personal finance becomes more complicated for many families. Some have students away from home for the first time, others have expenses for tuition, and of course the many purchases associated with the start…
Do Your Allergies Seem Out of Control? Check the Signs for Chronic Rhinosinusitis | | August 10, 2018
(BPT) - Summer is nearly upon us. The warm weather leads to flowers blooming, luscious green grass, and verdant trees. Unfortunately, for those with seasonal allergies, the picture is not as lovely, with visions of a spike in pollen, stuffy…
Tire confidential: Tips on picking the right one for you | | August 10, 2018
(BPT) - To most people, a tire is a tire is a tire. To the naked eye, that’s absolutely correct: They are black and round. However, upon further inspection, tires are one of the most technologically advanced parts of a…
52 weeks of growth: 4 ways Puerto Rico is key to world agriculture | | August 10, 2018
(BPT) - For a region the size of Connecticut, Puerto Rico packs a big punch when it comes to its contribution to world agriculture.
Hemp Has Significant Health Benefits For Pets | | August 10, 2018
(NAPSI)—NaturVet’s veterinarian-formulated pet supplements have progressed over the last 25 years to keep up with the ever-changing needs of pet parents. NaturVet’s newest Hemp for Health product line includes four top products—Allergy, Calming, Immune and Joint—that are now available enha...
The Midnight Sun | August 10, 2018
Fairbanks borough voters have the opportunity to elect an assembly that comes the closest in the borough's history to matching the gender demographics of the community. The post Women are running for every office in the Fairbanks borough and city. That’s a first. appeared first on The Midnight...
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 10, 2018
By Wesley Pruden | The midterm congressional election campaigns are about to be upon us. Labor Day is when campaigns get serious, and this year we still don’t have a name for the Nov. 6 elections. The feminists are calling it the Year of the Woman, and it’s true, after Tuesday the aroma of ...
The Midnight Sun | August 10, 2018
Welcome to the latest edition of Friday in the Sun, your latest and sometimes greatest roundup and collection of gossip, news and rumors from the... The post Friday in the Sun (Aug. 10): The ‘I’m Not a Marshmallow’ edition appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | August 10, 2018
The current noisy flap over political campaign signs sprouting willy-nilly – and illegally – along roads carries with it a message. Owners of the signs – people who ironically are asking us to put them in a position to make laws – are breaking the law. With abandon. And in ev...
Fast Tape Hacks for the Handy (or Not-So-Handy) Man | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) It’s inevitable... accidents happen. Luckily, there is a secret weapon that can save the day with virtually any fix: duct tape. Why? Because it pairs versatility and intense strength with easy application.
3 Unexpected Upgrades to Add Beauty and Comfort to Your Home | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) While a simple home upgrade once meant a new area rug or fresh coat of paint, these days, there are new and unexpected ways to update your space in order to add beauty and comfort to your home.
Upgrade Your Kitchen to Cook Like a Professional Chef | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) Of course, cooking like a chef at home requires talent and practice. But there’s no doubt about it -- having the right culinary tools, appliances and prep space is essential, too.
Attract Beautiful Songbirds to Your Backyard | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) Did you know that you can create a safe haven for wild song birds in your own backyard? By taking a few simple actions, you can provide birds with vital resources they need to thrive, as well as guard…
Home Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) Travelers are often struck by the unique style of a certain locale, such as the bright colors of Havana or the chic sophistication of Paris. If your family plans to travel soon, you will likely return longing to recreate…
How to Select the Best Ceiling Fans for Your Home Interiors | | August 09, 2018
(StatePoint) If you have a “less is more” outlook on home decorating purchasing decisions, you probably want your lighting fixtures to not only be functional, but also fashionable elements that complement other accessories and contribute to your overall interior design.…
Why Hawaii is a great destination for single female travelers | | August 09, 2018
(BPT) - Whether it's traveling solo or a girlfriends getaway, Hawaii is becoming a prime destination for single female travelers. This lush paradise offers plentiful opportunity to experience a vacation of your lifetime, with many ways to customize your trip…
3 Things You Didn't Know About Chocolate - And Why You Should Care | | August 09, 2018
(BPT) - As you stand in the chocolate aisle of the grocery store, have you ever stopped to think about the story behind each bar?
5 yard updates you can complete in a fall weekend | | August 09, 2018
(BPT) - If you love spending time in your yard, the end of summer can mark a period of sadness thinking about the colder temperatures and shorter days you must endure before getting back outside.
Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Insurers Efforts To Deny Patients Coverage | | August 09, 2018
(NAPSI)—A new national poll conducted by YouGov found that 91 percent of Americans believe insurance companies should not be allowed to deny coverage for people with chronic diseases whose premiums are paid by charitable organizations.