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Anchorage Daily Planet | June 21, 2018
By Larry Elder | Imagine what defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, would have done with notes to and from LAPD lead detectives Tom Lange and Philip Vannatter in which they demeaned Simpson’s fans. Imagine a written exchange in which one detective said, &...
Travel spotlight: Titletown is a touchdown for sports enthusiasts | | June 20, 2018
(BPT) - Some travel trends come and go, but others have staying power. Sports-themed travel is gaining momentum in 2018, and experts predict that it's only going to get bigger. If you like the thrill of competition, the history of…
Classic cardigan? 5 tips for caring for your vintage wardrobe | | June 20, 2018
(BPT) - As environmentally aware Americans join the movement to reduce, reuse and recycle, many are turning to the past to find unique, well-made vintage pieces to complement their wardrobes.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 20, 2018
It is déjà vu all over again with Sen. Lisa Murkowski and her liberal Republican pals. Remember the failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare? She joined liberal Republicans and Democrats in blocking its repeal. She was, in fact, a deciding vote. She voted no the motion to proc...
The Midnight Sun | June 20, 2018
The disgraced former legislator is due in court on Thursday, nearly six months after he allegedly attacked a woman after a night of drinking. The post Ahead of criminal arraignment, former Rep. Zach Fansler has finally withdrawn from election appeared first on The Midnight Sun. | June 20, 2018
(BPT) - Moms love spending time with their kids during summer break, but sometimes the extra chaos at home can leave them needing a break of their own.
The Midnight Sun | June 20, 2018
After announcing his candidacy for Alaska governor, the former U.S. senator sat down with The Midnight Sun to talk about his entrance, his vision and the doubters. The post Begich sees himself as alternative in race for Alaska governor: Interview appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 20, 2018
By Walter E. Williams | For several decades, a few black scholars have been suggesting that the vision held by many black Americans is entirely wrong. Dr. Shelby Steele, a scholar at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, said: “Instead of admitting that racism has declined, we (...
4 Tips for Paying for College While Saving for Retirement | | June 19, 2018
(StatePoint) Saving for retirement and college simultaneously is a balancing act that many families face. However, experts say these goals don’t have to be in competition with each other. To manage both priorities, consider the following tips.
Simple ways to earn extra money without owning a car | | June 19, 2018
(BPT) - Whether you’re new to a city and are getting on your feet, or you don’t want the commitment of a longtime lease or loan, there are countless ways to put some dough in your pocket without the need…
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 19, 2018
There was a very telling exchange during DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s very animated news conference on family separation at our southern border. It shows how the left conflates this fact with that fantasy to conjure up a scenario that is outrageous and largely untrue as it casts about for a ca...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 19, 2018
By Wesley Pruden | Cutting Texas down to size is always a good thing to do, and if we have to carve up California to do it, well, that’s life. The current popular notion in California would divide the Golden State into three new states, something that could be no longer be called Golden but [...
The Midnight Sun | June 19, 2018
"To blame previous administrations for a wrong committed today is not acceptable," she wrote. The post Murkowski calls child separation “cruel, tragic,” says it’s wrong to blame previous administrations appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
The Midnight Sun | June 19, 2018
Sullivan called for more resources put toward U.S. immigration courts to more quickly prosecute cases of illegal immigration and process asylum-seekers. The post Sullivan calls child separation at border ‘heartbreaking,’ but stops short of calling for an immediate stop appeared first on...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 18, 2018
The Anchorage School Board is asking the city to assign additional police officers to the district’s middle schools, in addition to those already posted in high schools. Board member Dave Donley proposed the idea, and the entire board unanimously went along. The board met with the Assembly on Frid...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 18, 2018
By Paul Jenkins | George R. “Pete” Spivey – a friend, a brother – is gone. The story is not so much that he died. The story is the 67 years he lived. Pete was named George Robert at birth, but his beloved grandmother thought he looked more like a Pete, and that was that. […...
The Midnight Sun | June 18, 2018
The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Sturgeon in 2016, but left unanswered the battle over whether he could travel through the national park via hovercraft. The post Sturgeon’s Alaska navigable waters case will head to the U.S. Supreme Court again appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 17, 2018
By Tom Brennan | The environmental activists are doing a snowjob on the American public in their battle against opening the ANWR coastal plain to oil drilling. Their latest gambit was distribution of an article by former Interior Secretary Sally Jewell damning the drilling idea and accompanied ...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 17, 2018
Gov. Bill Walker has signed into law House Bill 312, a measure primarily sponsored by Rep. Matt Claman, D-Anchorage, that finally fixes the state’s pre-trial catch-and-release system. The state’s Pretrial Risk Assessment system was flawed, freeing dangerous people to commit more crimes – so th...
The Midnight Sun | June 17, 2018
The final rundown of legislative race previews in this week's series. The post State of the Race: Legislative Races, Day 5 (The Senate districts) appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Los antibióticos no son siempre la solución | | June 16, 2018
(BPT) - Los CDC instan a las familias a tomar conciencia sobre los antibióticos
Welcome the Return of Warm Weather with Farm-to-Table Foods | | June 16, 2018
(Family Features) More daylight in the evening, birds chirping in the morning and plants sprouting up from the ground are signs that Spring has sprung. With the return of outdoor activities and sunshine, it's the perfect time to build on…
Encourage Healthy Eating Habits | | June 16, 2018
(Family Features) Of the many challenges parents face daily, encouraging healthy eating habits for their children can be one of the most vexing. While the consumption of nutritious foods like vegetables is good for kids while they’re young, it can…
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 16, 2018
By Michael D. Tanner | One problem with living in times as interesting as these is that important news often gets lost amid the swirl of rapidly changing events. If you blinked last week, you may have missed the latest report from the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare systems. But fo...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 16, 2018
In case you truly do not believe the world is going stark, raving mad, consider this: Netflix, apparently a trifle gun-shy in the Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo sex abuse era, has come up with new rules for its film crews. One of them forbids members of film crews from looking at one another for more [...
The Midnight Sun | June 16, 2018
Election season is underway with plenty of rumors about big primary changes as well as the departure of a high-profile political reporter. The post Friday in the Sun (June 8): The Start of Election Season edition appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Make the Most of Summer College Visits | | June 15, 2018
(Family Features) For students entering their senior year of high school or current college students considering a transfer, there’s no better way to determine whether a college or university is the right fit than a college visit. Summer is a…
Treatment Options for Men with Enlarged Prostate | | June 15, 2018
(Family Features) If you’re a male over the age of 45, chances are you may be suffering from a condition more common than prostate cancer – benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). More commonly known as enlarged prostate, BPH can cause bothersome…
Summer Learning Activities for Kids | | June 15, 2018
(Family Features) Summer may be a break from formal education, but keeping kids excited about learning can be an easy way to keep them active and engaged instead of zoned out on screen time.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 15, 2018
By Wesley Pruden | If Jeff Sessions and Christopher Wray want to clean house at the FBI, they’ll be well advised to pack a good lunch. Cleaning this house will be an all-day job. The agency under James B. Comey has been more corrupt than we thought. The long-awaited findings of the inspector ...
The Midnight Sun | June 15, 2018
Today's roundup will cap off the races for the Alaska House with an independent-heavy day going from Kenai to Southeast and back out to Western Alaska. The post State of the Race: Legislative Races, Day 4 (House Districts 31-40) appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
The Midnight Sun | June 15, 2018
Sorry for the delay everyone, today’s roundup of races includes quite a few rematches so I spent the day running down the rabbit hole of... The post State of the Race: Legislative Races, Day 3 (House Districts 21-30) appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 15, 2018
It is almost delicious to watch Alaska’s legal marijuana industry scrambling for changes to the state’s current pot tax structure, claiming competition with the black market is difficult because of state taxes and other expenses. The funny part? The industry did it to itself as part of a cal...
The Midnight Sun | June 15, 2018
The good, the bad and the ugly of being a woman in the Alaska political world. The post Friday in the Sun (June 15): Women in Politics edition appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
'Democratized Data' Helps Marketing | | June 14, 2018
(NAPSI)—Today's global marketplace needs reliable, accessible data. Unfortunately, this invaluable data is often unreachable for businesses lacking the resources, sourcing know-how or budget. Equally as problematic, today's data industry is complicated, fragmented, inefficient and often ineffectiv...
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 14, 2018
By Larry Elder | Why did Alice Marie Johnson, a first-time nonviolent drug offender, get a life sentence? She and her husband divorced in 1989. The next year, she lost her job as a FedEx manager, followed by bankruptcy and home foreclosure in 1991. The following year, the mother of five lost he...
The Midnight Sun | June 14, 2018
Today, we'll be exploring House Districts 11 through 20, which covers the remainder of the Mat-Su Valley, Palmer, Eagle River and the northeast and downtown areas of Anchorage. The post State of the Race: Legislative Races, Day 2 (House Districts 11-20) appeared first on The Midnight Sun.
Anchorage Daily Planet | June 14, 2018
The Anchorage Assembly did something inexplicable when it approved the Anchorage Community Development Authority’s plan to purchase, for $14 million, the downtown Legislative Information Office building. Taxpayers, to put it mildly, got hosed by the left-leaning Assembly in the 8-2 vote allowing t...
The Midnight Sun | June 14, 2018
Walker made small changes to the budget approved by the Legislature. The post Vitamin D study and Knik Arm Bridge struck down by Gov. Walker with vetoes appeared first on The Midnight Sun.