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Judge skeptical of need to reinstate Trump health care cuts | ABC News
ABC News | October 24, 2017
An attorney for California was grilled by a federal judge skeptical of a push by 18 states to immediately reinstate "Obamacare" subsidies cut off by the Trump administration
Foods with 'no added sugar' might not add up to healthy eating, Canadian study finds | CBC
CBC | October 24, 2017
A new study from the University of Toronto finds that packaged foods labelled with claims like "no added sugar" or "reduced in sugar" might have lower sugar levels than ones without — but that doesn't mean they have big reductions in calories.
A hospice story: The 'amazing' last days of Diana Fitzharris | CBC
CBC | October 24, 2017
Like many Canadians, Diana Fitzharris was reluctant to turn to hospice care, but near the end of her battle with ALS it gave her and loved ones a chance to live her final days to their fullest.
Sweating blood: bizarre disorder baffles doctors | CBC
CBC | October 23, 2017
Doctors in Italy recently treated a patient with a condition that caused her to sweat blood from her face and from the palms of her hands. There are those who question whether hematohidrosis exists, but a Canadian medical historian says it's extremely rare but legitimate.
Read this if you're considering a hot tub birth | CBC
CBC | October 23, 2017
A newborn nearly died following a hot tub birth. @NightshiftMD assesses the risk & shares details of a new @CMAJ case report.
Ontario reopens 2 shuttered Toronto hospital sites to cope with overcrowding crisis | CBC
CBC | October 23, 2017
Ontario plans to reopen parts of two shuttered hospital sites in Toronto in a bid to tackle the province's significant shortage of beds for patients who need care, a situation that will likely get worse as flu season descends on the city.
States to ask judge to keep health subsidies that Trump cut | ABC News
ABC News | October 23, 2017
The top lawyers for 19 states want a federal judge to force President Donald Trump's administration to pay health care subsidies that he abruptly cut off
Aid group says Madagascar plague outbreak yet to reach peak | ABC News
ABC News | October 23, 2017
An international aid group says a deadly outbreak of plague in Madagascar has not yet reached its peak
McConnell says he's awaiting Trump guidance on health care | ABC News
ABC News | October 22, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that he's willing to bring bipartisan health care legislation to the floor if the president makes clear he supports it
Conservatives accuse Liberals of diabetes tax grab | CBC
CBC | October 22, 2017
Health groups joined forces on Sunday with the Conservative opposition to accuse the Liberal government of trying to raise tax revenue on the backs of vulnerable diabetics.
Top Dems nix White House demands to alter health care deal | ABC News
ABC News | October 21, 2017
Top Senate Democrats are rejecting White House demands to change the bipartisan compromise aimed at steadying unsettled insurance markets
How mixed-up cell lines are contaminating science | CBC
CBC | October 21, 2017
The scientific literature is littered with cell line mix-ups but there's nothing to alert scientists that conclusions might be faulty. New glimpses at the way scientists might identify and treat cancer in the future. And the origins of those quirky names for human anatomy.
Discredited vaccine paper highlights issue in retraction process, experts say | CBC
CBC | October 21, 2017
Canadian researchers say retraction should be 'instantaneous,' but note that's not always the case, and that flawed studies continue to live online.
Nature's Mix removes cancer claim from granola label after Marketplace investigation into 'superfoods' | CBC
CBC | October 21, 2017
Nature's Mix, a company that makes granola with quinoa that it markets as a "superfood" and that included a nutrition label that claimed quinoa "prevents cancer" has removed the claim after a Marketplace investigation.
Motherisk hair test evidence tossed out of Colorado court 2 decades before questions raised in Canada | CBC
CBC | October 21, 2017
A capital murder trial in Colorado in 1993 raised serious issues with the reliability of Motherisk hair tests more than two decades before any issues were raised about the tests in Canada, a joint investigation by The Fifth Estate, CBC Radio’s The Current and the Toronto Star has found.
Judge overturns $417M award against Johnson & Johnson in ovarian cancer case | CBC
CBC | October 21, 2017
A judge in Los Angeles has tossed out a $417-million US jury award to a woman who claimed she developed ovarian cancer by using Johnson & Johnson talc-based baby powder for feminine hygiene.
FDA approves better vaccine against painful shingles virus | ABC News
ABC News | October 21, 2017
US regulators approve a new, more effective vaccine to prevent painful shingles caused by the chickenpox virus
'A touch can speak a thousand words': Soothing touch can ease hurt feelings | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
A slow, stroking touch eases the sting of social rejection, psychologists find.
Small victims in a big crisis: More babies being born addicted to opioids | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
Between April, 2016 and March 31, 2017, the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) identified 1,846 babies admitted to hospital after being exposed to opioids during pregnancy.
Heart transplant survivor runs half-marathon with her team of doctors | ABC News
ABC News | October 20, 2017
More than 16 years after her heart transplant surgery, Kristin Marx ran the Milwaukee Half-Marathon in Wisconsin with her cardiac-care team and family.
Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections, 1 fatal, CDC reports | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
The popular trend of raising backyard chickens is bringing with it a soaring number of illnesses from poultry-related diseases, some of them fatal, U.S. health officials say.
Pollution causing more deaths worldwide than war or smoking: Lancet | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
Increasing pollution worldwide is proving deadlier than war, natural disasters or smoking, according to a new report in the Lancet medical journal.
'It's a tragedy': How the flawed Motherisk hair test helped fracture families across Canada | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
In a joint investigation with CBC Radio’s The Current and the Toronto Star, The Fifth Estate has spoken to half a dozen families across Canada whose families were broken in part as a result of faulty hair tests done by the Hospital for Sick Children’s Motherisk lab.
Prescription limits driving some patients to street drugs | CBC
CBC | October 20, 2017
Some patients say they're turning to dangerous street drugs in the wake of new national guidelines limiting the allowable dosage of prescription painkillers and new restrictions under the Ontario Drug Benefit resulting.
Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insurance | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
How's that? Trump's health subsidy shutdown could lead to free insurance, experts say
Governments grappling with how to keep pot bought online out of the hands of underage users | CBC
CBC | October 19, 2017
The Liberal government's point man on pot legalization says strict safeguards will be put in place for home delivery of the drug once it is available for purchase online as planned.
Glioblastoma, brain tumour that took Gord Downie's life, tough to treat, doctors say | CBC
CBC | October 19, 2017
The passing of singer-songwriter Gord Downie also puts a spotlight on the need for more funding for research into the form of brain cancer that about 1,000 Canadians are diagnosed with every year.
Romanian health workers protest against tax plan | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
Some 7,000 Romanian public sector health workers are demonstrating in the capital, demanding the government eliminate a plan to make them pay more social security taxes
18 illnesses tied to frozen breaded chicken products, Public Health Agency of Canada says | CBC
CBC | October 19, 2017
The Public Health Agency of Canada is investigating 18 cases of salmonella linked to frozen raw breaded chicken products.
Backyard chicken trend leads to more disease infections | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
Backyard chicken trend leads to spike in poultry-related diseases
The Latest: 2 senators formally propose health deal | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
Two leading senators have formally proposed their bipartisan compromise for steadying health insurance markets
Amid doctors' hunger strike, Poland may boost health budget | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
Poland's government has announced plans to significantly increase spending on health care as a hunger protest by young doctors demanding more funds for the sector entered a third week
Quebec radiologists billing $3M annually for obsolete task | CBC
CBC | October 19, 2017
Quebec radiologists are routinely billing RAMQ for analyzing coronary angiograms, sometimes years after procedures were carried out. The practice, deemed unnecessary by some, is costing taxpayers about $3 million a year, found Radio-Canada's Enquête.
Bipartisan plan to curb health premiums gets strong support | ABC News
ABC News | October 19, 2017
A bipartisan proposal to calm churning health insurance markets is gaining momentum
Gord Downie used voice to 'shed a light' on aggressive brain cancer | CBC
CBC | October 18, 2017
The death of Gord Downie hits close to home for Winnipegger Jared Spier, whose partner Joanne Schiewe died from the same brain cancer that took the Tragically Hip frontman.
Quadriplegic nearly missed MRI because no staff were trained to assist him | CBC
CBC | October 18, 2017
The husband of a quadriplegic man in Halifax is calling on the Nova Scotia Health Authority to improve services for patients with mobility issues, after a scheduled MRI was nearly derailed due to a lack of staff trained to assist.
AP Exclusive: Training on vet suicides set at Nevada prisons | ABC News
ABC News | October 18, 2017
AP Exclusive: The state of Nevada has agreed to pay $93,000 to settle a wrongful death suit filed by the family of a 27-year-old Army veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when he hanged himself in prison last year
The Latest: Trump criticizes bipartisan health deal | ABC News
ABC News | October 18, 2017
President Donald Trump is criticizing a bipartisan Senate deal to curb the growth of insurance premiums
Woman alleged to have unlawfully injected botox for years under investigation | CBC
CBC | October 18, 2017
The B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons is seeking an injunction against a Surrey woman — Rajdeep Kaur Khakh — who it says may have unlawfully injected clients with botox and other substances while posing as a doctor at salons, "botox parties" and in clients' homes according to court documents.
Czech doctors strike for a day to pay, bureaucracy | ABC News
ABC News | October 18, 2017
Thousands of general practitioners across the Czech Republic have closed their clinics and offices for 24 hours to demand higher pay and protest the rise of bureaucracy