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Apple may have kept a big iPhone 7 Plus feature quiet

Source: TechRadar
September 09, 2016
Apple may have kept a big iPhone 7 Plus feature quiet

One of the rumors leading up to the iPhone 7 launch was that the iPhone 7 Plus would have 3GB of RAM, up from 2GB on the iPhone 6S range. When Apple failed to mention any RAM changes on stage it was largely assumed there weren't any, but it now looks like those rumors might have been right.

A new Geekbench listing for the iPhone 7 Plus, uploaded after its announcement and spotted by 9to5Mac, reveals 3GB of RAM, which, combined with the two highest performance cores in the A10 Fusion processor, led to a single-core score of 3233 and a multi-core result of 5363.

That's a significant jump on the iPhone 6S Plus, which in our own tests achieved a multi-core score of 4309, though still puts the iPhone 7 Plus behind the iPad Pro 12.9 with its 4GB of RAM, which managed a score of 5472 in our tests.

More powerful than the iPhone 7

Still, the score achieved by the iPhone 7 Plus is close, and should give it the performance edge over the standard iPhone 7 too.

That's assuming the benchmark is legitimate, as it could have been faked, but Apple doesn't usually reveal the amount of RAM in its products, so it's not so strange that the jump wasn't highlighted.

We'll know the RAM amount for sure soon, once more phones start getting in people's hands, but if you weren't sure which iPhone 7 model to opt for this looks like one more point in favor of the 7 Plus.

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