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Apple is reportedly creating a non-Watch wearable

Source: TechRadar
August 10, 2016
Apple is reportedly creating a non-Watch wearable

A new report claims Apple is building a new wearable that will offer new insights into users' health on a daily basis.

Economic Daily News is claiming that suppliers are being sought to create the new device, which has been in development within Apple for the last couple of years and would be able to check heart rate changes, blood sugar variation and other information.

The wearable will pack a screen as apparently it'll be able to use 3D Touch as a key part of the functionality, and has been developed over the past two years as part of an internal project by Jay Blahnik, who's listed as working on 'special projects' at Apple on his LinkedIn profile.

He was previously Apple's director of fitness for health technologies, so it would make sense that he would be heading up the project of creating such a wearable.

A non-watch Watch

And it would make sense economically for Apple, as the fitness wearable market is rapidly expanding due to an increased curiosity in our body's data and metrics – we all know someone that's bought a Fitbit just because they want to get a bit fitter without really knowing what to do with it, such is the lure.

If Apple could create something with more of an in-depth guide to how these results can be translated into real-world use, it'd instantly be added to birthday lists for parents the world over.

The original rumors of the Apple Watch said it would be able to monitor things like blood sugar, but that functionality was never baked in.

There are also whispers of a second, low-cost, Apple Watch, which will launch alongside the Apple Watch 2 later this year, and a more health-focused option would be a possibly cheaper option that would have the likes of Fitbit rather worried.

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