ANALYSIS: Trump revels in battle with press

ANALYSIS: Trump revels in battle with press | ABC News | February 16, 2017
Source: ABC News
February 16, 2017
President Trump’s first solo press conference in office was a free-wheeling, lengthy look inside the mind of the president less than four weeks into his administration. There was news too, of course: a new immigration executive order will be unveiled next week, Trump said former national security adviser Michael Flynn was “just doing his job” and the president repeatedly claimed that he has “nothing to do with Russia,” calling assertions to the contrary "fake news" and insisting “leaks” are the real problem. Trump also claimed Flynn stepped aside for misleading administration officials, not for his discussions of U.S. sanctions with the Russian ambassador during the transition. Beyond those headlines of the day, Thursday's press conference shed more light on the attitude and motivations of the 45th president and how he will govern the nation the next four years. Trump stressed that his administration is not in “chaos,” but being run like “a fine-tuned machine,” refusing to...

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