ANALYSIS: How SCOTUS Drama is Ultimate Trump Distraction

ANALYSIS: How SCOTUS Drama is Ultimate Trump Distraction | ABC News | February 09, 2017
Source: ABC News
February 09, 2017
It’s President Trump vs. the judicial branch. Trump vs. the legislative branch. Trump vs. his own nominee for the Supreme Court. Trump vs. senators, senators vs. senators, White House vs. media and a jumble of insults and shifting loyalties that’s already become familiar in Donald Trump’s Washington. For all that noise, though, here’s a stubborn fact: The president’s choice for the high court is overwhelmingly likely to be confirmed. The noise of the last 24 hours –- up to and including the extraordinary statements relayed from Judge Neil Gorsuch -– may actually make him more likely to get the job Trump wants him to get. Whether by intricate design or utter luck, Machiavellian maneuverings or sheer happenstance, the controversy over the courts is playing out like the kind of distraction the president revels in. On that point, at least, bipartisan consensus is emerging. “This little back and forth that the news media is consumed with – I think if anything, it helps the case of...

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