ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Roiling Foreign Policy Already

ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Roiling Foreign Policy Already | ABC News | December 23, 2016
Source: ABC News
December 23, 2016
Just three days before Christmas, his presidency still a month away from beginning, Donald Trump upended decades of foreign policy without leaving the private confines of his Florida estate. Unless he didn’t. There’s no real way to say what the president-elect meant to convey in terms of policy via his latest series of tweets. He isn’t saying, and his team isn’t helping interpret them in a meaningful way. But what’s already clear is that longstanding precedent that keeps a president-elect from interfering with the sitting president’s foreign policy has been shattered by Trump. He may also be reordering the way presidency works, by design and by tradition, with one-off tweets that leave friends and foes questioning his motives. Trump can rest assured that his tweets have consequences. His call for the U.S. to veto a U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements resulted in a delay in voting, followed by the Obama administration’s decision to allow the resolution to pass -– an action...

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