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Amazon has finally unveiled its first big-budget AAA games

Source: TechRadar
September 29, 2016
Amazon has finally unveiled its first big-budget AAA games

Not content to be a leading online retailer, streaming service, ebook publisher, and grocery store, Amazon has finally unveiled its ambitious videogame publishing plans.

The company announced the news on the eve of 2016's Twitchcon, a convention surrounding the Amazon-owned livestreaming service.

Three games were announced onstage. Crucible, a multiplayer first-person shooter, New World, a game about constructing and exploring a shared world, and a third-person multiplayer brawler Breakaway.

A history with Double Helix

The first word we got of Amazon's move into the videogame business came in 2014 when the company acquired Double Helix, the studio behind 2013's Killer Instinct Reboot and Silent Hill: Homecoming.

The acquisition fueled speculation that Amazon was about to launch its own console, but when the Fire TV was eventually released in late 2014 the Android-based FireOS set-top box was more of a streaming than a gaming device, despite the ability to use a full controller with the device.

Amazon is hoping to change all this with its own Amazon Game Studios which until now has published a number of small mobile games including Lost Within and Til Morning's Light.

The online retailer has build up a strong gaming portfolio. It acquired the gaming livestreaming service Twitch in 2015, and also hired a number of leading developers including Kim Swift (Portal) and Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2), the latter of which left the studio last year.

Amazon has also developed its own games engine Luberyard, which is an open-source engine that is deeply integrated with Twitch and Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud services division.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

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