A long road to recovery

A long road to recovery | The Economist | November 10, 2016
Source: The Economist
November 10, 2016
THERE are two ways of dealing with a worrying problem in a car engine. One is a complete overhaul; the other is to tinker under the bonnet and hope the trouble goes away. Volkswagen’s efforts to deal with an emissions-cheating scandal that emerged in September 2015 are of the tinkering type. The German carmaker is desperate to draw a line under its ill-fated decision to fit software to 11m diesel cars that detected emissions tests and artificially reduced the amount of nitrogen oxide pumped out. But the disconcerting rumbles continue.The latest setback came on November 6th, when VW said that a German investigation of market manipulation was examining the role of Hans Dieter Pötsch, chairman of its supervisory board. The probe, which began in June, is looking at whether Martin Winterkorn, VW’s former chief executive, and Herbert Diess, who oversees the core VW brand, should have disclosed the emissions cheating before the company publicly admitted wrongdoing. This is deeply uncomfortable for both VW and Mr Pötsch, who used to be the chief financial officer and was nominated to become chairman on the day the crisis began. It is also a reminder...Continue reading

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