4 Windows 10 tools that will kickstart your productivity

4 Windows 10 tools that will kickstart your productivity | PC World | November 01, 2016
Source: PC World
November 01, 2016
There are apps for everything from tracking your to-do’s to curing you of your procrastination. But when it comes to productivity tools, look no further than your PC’s operating system. Windows 10 boasts many new features and improvements on old ones that can help you work much more efficiently. Here are a few you should start taking advantage of today.Virtual Desktops It seems counter-intuitive, but focusing on a single task, rather than juggling several simultaneously, is the best path to getting more done. There’s a whole world of third-party apps designed to eliminate distractions, but Windows 10’s Virtual Desktops is really all you need. You can use this feature to corral email, Twitter, and other apps vying for your attention on one desktop, while keeping the Excel spreadsheet you’re working on open on another.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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